Humans of Dogwood


Humans of Dogwood

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Janet James

7th October 2015

Guest Services/Greeter

“I remember one time when I wasn’t feeling well, all the members of the team called me.  They called and said, ‘We missed you Sunday, what happened?’  They emailed me, they texted me saying, ‘Hope you feel better, we prayed for you; Did you go to the doctor; Do you need anything we can bring over to your house?’ and all that.  Those people are the best thing.  I enjoy my team. I call them my family.  They look out for me.  They call me when they don’t see me or if I’m running late.  I bake for them and they enjoy it.  We have a marvelous time.  It’s wonderful!  I love it, and I love this church! It feels like family!!”


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